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Our vastu calculations are based on 32 directions i.e dishas and vidishas which is based on detailed examination of every direction.

Residential Vastu
Vacant Plot – measuring of land energy through various techniques. In case of low energy it can be treated to enhance land energy as it contributes to 70% of Vastu treatment.

We provide guidance on positioning of Master Bed room, Drawing room, Study room, Pooja room, Kids room, Living room, Kitchen, Servant room, Basement, Staircases etc at the time of preparing layout of the building, Colors on walls, metals, plants, shapes suitability, positioning of underground water tank, septic tanks, over head water tanks, virtual doors, Vastu for exterior and interior are part of our services.

Vastu for renovation
Vastu for offices, institutions, shops, clinics, restaurants, banks, malls etc

Industrial Vastu
Vastu treatment without demolition
Vastu remedies – Underground vastu treatment, metallic treatment, non-metallic treatment, mineralizing treatment, chemical treatment, pyramid energy shield treatment, symbol treatment, Element balancing technique and metallic earthing etc.

Geopathic Stress

This is present everywhere in house, factory or office and may cause disturbances in daily routine life.

There are remedies available for problems that may occur due to geopathic stress.


It is a technique to locate energy of land with the help of tools like metal rods, pendulum or wooden sticks.


It is an ancient art of breathing which is used to balance inner energies with the cosmic energy,. Swar are mainly 3 types : Ida, Pingla and Sushumna.

If a specific activity in a particular Swar is performed one would get a desired result. Doing work in proper swar helps to achieve prosperity, popularity, sound mental health and spiritual state.

what client says


My daughter improved in studies after seeking vastu tips from Rajulji

Rita, Delhi


We are into the business of construction and would purchase plot only after site visit by Rajul. Thanks for her continued support.

Ashok Khattar, Gurugram


I have been practicing basic tips on Swar and Vastu as provided by Rajul in my daily life and glad to experience its positive effects.

Neeraj Jain, Pune


Thanks to Rajul for bringing prosperity and happiness in our lives by vastu treatment of our house without demolition.

Preeti Gupta, Gurugram